As many California couples know, finances can negatively impact relationships, even leading to divorce. However, if couples can work on how they handle their finances, they may make their relationships better in the process.

According to experts, debt is the primary source of conflict when it comes to couples and finances. Part of the problem is that most people do not understand or underestimate how much debt they actually have. Furthermore, the issue may be complicated by the reality that most people have a lot more goals than the money to make them happen. Eventually, the arguing and disagreements over finances can lead a couple to head for divorce.

Being honest about finances from the beginning of a relationship is one way to avoid a lot of the issues that pop up. For some couples, this might mean agreeing to a prenup, which outlines each person’s financial situation and determines what belongs to each individual. If the couple is already married, they can also adopt a postnup, which works the same way but is done after the marriage has taken place. Other couples can sit down and be honest about all their finances and then adopt a plan to pay off their debt, either using the snowball or avalanche approach. The snowball approach works by paying off smaller debts first and then building up to the bigger ones. The avalanche approach works by paying off the higher interest debts first, which leads to paying less interest overall and paying debts off faster.

For some couples, working on their finances, however, might not really work in preventing divorce. In those cases, couples might seek the advice of lawyers with family law experience to guide them through the process of divorce. An attorney can explain the options available and the state legislation regarding divorce as well as help a person plan for life after divorce and offer legal representation.