Military-specific issues often come up when military members and their spouses go through divorce. Questions of child custody, post-divorce living arrangements, deployment, military retirement benefits, military health care benefits and parental relocation are all matters that must be addressed in a divorce involving military personnel.

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Child Custody Issues For Military Parents

A well-considered and innovative parenting plan is often needed when a parent in the military goes through divorce. Courts in California understand that a child is generally best served when both parents play an active role in the child’s life, and as a parent, you want to be there for your child.

To ensure that your rights as a parent are protected along with your child’s best interests, it is important to speak with a military child custody lawyer about your goals and the type of parenting plan that accounts for military-specific issues like deployment.

Many military parents and their spouses also have questions about relocating with the child after the divorce. In such a situation, it is crucial to understand that specific steps must be taken, including obtaining the court’s approval, before a parent can relocate with a child.

A thoughtful parenting plan can address all the relevant issues, and such a plan can be achieved without having to litigate. However, if agreement cannot be reached outside of court, you should have an experienced trial lawyer on your side every step of the way.

Property Division In A Military Divorce

Military retirement benefits are a common issue that needs to be addressed when deciding how community property should be divided between the spouses. Real estate issues are also common in military divorces in Southern California, where a significant number of military members at Camp Pendleton have purchased condominiums, townhouses or other types of property.

Property that may be divisible in a divorce settlement may include:

If your divorce involves any of these issues, let us help you resolve them and achieve a fair property settlement.

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