If you own a business or professional practice, you probably have concerns about your financial future and the future of your business after your divorce. There may be questions about the value of the business, as well as how much of that value, if any, your spouse will be entitled to.

At Westover Law Group, we have extensive experience in property division involving businesses and other complex assets, and we have a proven record of successfully protecting the rights and interests of business owners going through divorce.

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Does Any Of My Business Count As Separate Property?

California law calls for an equal division of community property between the spouses, whereas separate property is not necessarily divisible. If you owned the business prior to the marriage, the value of the business on the marriage date may be regarded as separate property, belonging to you and not your spouse. However, proof of this fact is typically required for the court to exclude part of the value of the business from property division.

The value of the business during the marriage — along with any increase in value during that time — may be regarded as community property and thus would be subject to division.

To prove that part or all of your business is separate property, it is crucial to work with a divorce lawyer who has the knowledge, skills and resources to obtain an accurate business valuation, prove that the property is separate, and effectively negotiate for a fair property settlement. Whatever your goals may be, a thorough review of your case is needed to assess your specific situation.

Put A Fearless Litigator On Your Side

Much is at stake for successful professionals facing divorce. The best way to ensure that your rights and interests are protected is to prepare your case for trial from day one, even if your divorce and property issues are ultimately settled outside of court.

Founding attorney Andrew L. Westover is a proven litigator with an outstanding reputation in courts and among opposing counsel throughout Southern California. When the other side’s attorney knows that a divorce trial is a real possibility, it is more likely that the other side will cooperate outside of court to avoid litigation.

Attorney Westover is also a Certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Only about 3 percent of attorneys have undergone the rigorous training required to achieve this certification, which greatly benefits our clients.

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