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I have been going through years of battles with my ex, and I was shell-shocked. I have hired a few attorneys, and I never understood where they were going, and why things just kept getting worse. I had two attorneys I was considering, and I thank God I went to see Andrew. It was obvious in just a few minutes that not only was he incredibly well-versed in the law, he was an amazingly kind person and very down to earth. Once he started on my case, the quality of his work was so far above any of my other attorney’s work I knew my situation was finally going to change. His work is clear, reasoned, and professional. He got further on my case in two months than in all the years prior. I am still shaky from the emotional attacks I have endured from the other side, but whenever I waiver Andrew always assures me that we are on the right path. I didn’t know what that looked like, but because of my confidence in Andrew, I finally have confidence that I will have the best representation possible, and you can’t ask for more than that. My case has not been heard yet, so I will return to tell you the results. Even if we lose a part of our case, I would still recommend Andrew. There is no attorney in this area that comes close to his ability. I would be remiss not to mention that his whole staff is compassionate and very easy to work with. Save yourself the heartache and stress and hire this law firm. They are amazing.


An amazing firm — Andrew is the man!!

Andrew and his crew did an amazing job for my daughter and my granddaughter that were in an abusive relationship with a narcissist that tried to use the system against my daughter, and Rebecca Rainwater (I must say has to be one of Andrew’s best weapons in his firm) was assigned to my daughter’s case and we had to go to only ONE court session and she destroyed the other side. Everything went just as explained. This firm is very knowledgeable and I will recommend these good folks for everyone that needs that right attorney for all your family court matters. These guys are THE REAL DEAL!!! You can’t go wrong with WESTOVER!! Some of the best money I ever spent went to this firm.


Andrew Westover — Outstanding Attorney

I needed to switch attorneys to finish out my divorce. Andrew was referred to me by my prior attorney. He quickly came up to speed on my case and put in place a plan to finish out the case in short order — it had dragged on for almost two years. While the opposing side used emotion and drama in their court filings, etc — Andrew was fact based and used the full extent of the law to develop our strategy for getting this case to closure. Andrew listened well to my concerns and focused on getting those concerns addressed so that any future issues would not be subjected to the same inappropriate tactics from opposing counsel. I would highly recommend Andrew! He’s an A player in my book.

Divorce Client

Stand and Deliver: Extremely satisfying RESULTS by Mr. Westover

I entitled this Stand and Deliver as that is exactly what Mr. Westover did for my case. To offer a pretrial assessment of the potential for an outcome is a challenging requirement for any attorney, but Andrew and his firm delivered exactly the decision they proclaimed that seemed likely from the outset. It wasn’t mere speculation on their part or merely hocus pocus to tell me a best-case scenario of their abilities, but their knowledge of the contemporary local community standards and an established rapport with the opposing counsels approach to the case itself. In all, I can’t rate Andrew and his firm with anything but an impeccable review and was elated to see they delivered exactly the disposition they said would most likely be possible in my case. Thanks and gratitude are mere words on my part, but extremely satisfying RESULTS by Mr. Westover are what stand as REAL to someone wishing to engage his services. I would recommend him to ANYONE that wants a truly dedicated professional that will act like a friend in your corner!


If you require an intelligent, analytical, excellent communicator in your lawyer, I highly recommend Andrew.

A few years ago, Andrew’s firm represented me in a custody trial and most recently Andrew represented me in a child support modification case. Initially, I had *thought* this was just a simple child support modification as I had 100% visitation and thus I represented myself, I mean, how hard could it be? To explain the situation, I show up to court and the father lied on his Income and Expense and the judge was not asking for any proof about his claims to hardship (he lied about medical bills for his other child) and then with no legal explanation, she deviated from the dissomaster thus dropping my support by 20% based on unfounded lies! As soon as the initial hearing was over, I walked out and called Andrew because I needed a professional to represent me in what was becoming a battle. I explained to Andrew what had happened and what my intentions were. He told me honestly it was not worth pursuing because the money I would make up would not cover the cost of what we had to do to prove father was lying. I appreciated the fact that Andrew outlined that for me prior to moving forward with the case, which, I did decide to do and we eventually settled satisfactory. Being a professional in the high tech industry, I appreciated Andrew’s work ethics and communication style, he is easily accessible via email and phone and his response times are very quick, beyond expectation. In dealing with the opposing counsel, he was professional yet firm, not afraid to call out the inconsistencies and had greater legal knowledge than the opposing counsel, he really shined in front of the judge. He holds himself with a quiet but firm gentleness. I had a sense of collaboration and partnership with Andrew, he listened to my concerns, which ones I desired to be brought up to the judge and he delivered spot on! Overall, if you require an intelligent, analytical, excellent communicator in your lawyer, I highly recommend Andrew.


Greatest lawyer…ever!!!

Andrew Westover is such an amazing lawyer, I cannot say enough about him. He helped me get custody of my children, not just once, but also a second time due to a hiccup in the case. That’s not an easy task, considering Santa Clara County tends to be partial to mothers. Andrew has represented me in a few custody hearings and a few child support hearings (with another one coming up next month). Andrew knows exactly what he’s doing. He knew what documentation and evidence would be necessary to prove my case to the mediator and the judge. He put together an impressive, very well-organized file filled with these documents, and presented it to the mediator. I went in for an emergency screening at 8am and came out of the courthouse with both of my kids at 5 p.m.! I’m still in shock that we were able to accomplish this, and I know there’s no way this would have happened without Andrew. What I value most about his work is that he operates on honesty and truth, and he has the children’s best interest at heart. Many lawyers out there would be willing to lie for you, even falsify information to win the case, but not Andrew. I appreciate that so much about him. He’s very intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and sharp as can be. He’s completely trustworthy; I know that I’m in good hands when I go into any situation in family court. This peace of mind that he is able to give me is absolutely priceless. I’ve found a lawyer for life, I would never want anyone else to represent me in court. He’s truly the greatest lawyer you can hire, so look no further!


Andrew has gone above and beyond for me and my family during my case.

He is a consummate professional with a wide range of knowledge of the law. He has been extremely responsive and caring throughout and is never too busy to answer my questions, even the simplest ones. Andrew and his firm addressed my concerns and made me feel like my input was important to them. Andrew and his firm developed a strategy, stayed in touch with the District Attorney, and were able to get the case completely dismissed before it went to trial.


One of the few lawyers I call friend

I first met Andrew when he asked me to provide some expert review of some evidence and then some testimony about that review. During the course of that process, I had a small legal issue come up as well. In both cases, Andrew was prompt, professional, efficient, and exemplary in his handling of all aspects of the process. I very much hope to have future opportunities to work with Andrew, and, while I hope to never need his services again, I would most definitely turn to him if I did.


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