Domestic violence is a known fact in many divorce cases in California. Domestic violence is also a point of contention in many family law and divorce disputes, and not every case is cut and dry. At Westover Law Group, we are dedicated advocates for victims of domestic abuse, and we also protect the rights of individuals who have been falsely accused. Every case is different, and we work to see the facts of the matter so we can ensure that our clients’ safety and future are protected.

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What Are My Rights?

Sadly, we find that many domestic violence victims are afraid to file for divorce because they fear the repercussions or believe that their abuser will threaten their safety. If this is your situation, we can help you file for a restraining order, which the court can impose to restrict the abuser’s interaction with you and your children.

Restraining orders may encompass the following:

  • Restricting the other party from contacting you and the children
  • Protection against stalking and attacks
  • Protection against harassment and threats
  • Prosecution of the other party for destroying your personal property
  • Prosecution of the other party for disturbing the peace

You can also file a restraining order to prevent the other party from coming near your home, your place of work, the children’s school or day care and other places the other party might approach. Furthermore, once you have begun the process of divorce, you can also request to have the other party leave the home.

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Our mission at Westover Law Group is to help our clients every step of the way, no matter how difficult the road ahead may be. Victims of domestic violence have every right to take legal action. Never stay silent — you do not deserve to live in fear any longer.

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