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Lessening the burdens on children during and after divorce

Parents going through a divorce have a number of important concerns to prioritize during this time, primarily the wellbeing of their children. As you and your soon to be former spouse go through the divorce and custody arrangement process, it is important that you keep in mind the potential hardships your children face during this time.

Children of divorce often experience a challenging adjustment period during and after the process. From the very beginning, parents can work to minimize the potentially harmful effects of a contentious divorce and custody arrangement. Consider some key reminders as you begin this process with your family.

Experts say the new tax act could make divorce more expensive

For Californians who divorce after the end of 2018, alimony payments will not be tax-deductible or tax-payable. This is one of several tax changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed in late 2017, that could affect the finances of divorcees.

Until the end of 2018, divorce agreements will operate under the old rules in which alimony was tax-deductible for payers. This will change starting in 2019, and it will not sunset in 2025 unlike other many other elements of the tax bill. As a result of the tax change, experts believe that most recipients will get less alimony.

Older adults, divorce and retirement

One important step that older California residents can take to lessen how much a divorce negatively impacts their retirement is to consult with a retirement specialist before they begin negotiating divorce settlement terms. A financial adviser can assist individuals with determining what type of financial resources they may need for the future and what they have to do to meet their financial goals. It is also a good idea to meet with the advisor after the divorce settlement terms have been finalized to determine how to get their new financial plan into action.

Older adults should also understand the tax implications of the decisions and actions they take regarding their financial assets. They should be aware of all their pretax and post-tax assets and how those assets may impact how much in taxes they have to pay in the future.

When getting divorced, honesty important for parents

It’s a phrase many people have heard since they were kids: “honesty is the best policy”. This bit of common wisdom is something that divorcing parents may especially want to take to heart. There are many contexts in which honesty is very important when gong though a divorce when a parent.

File for military divorce in the jurisdiction that’s best for you

Most civilian divorces are filed in the jurisdiction where the couple lives. If you are military personnel, the home you share with your spouse may not be where you currently live.

So, how is jurisdiction determined in military divorces and why does matter? Read on to learn more.

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Social media and divorce: How can it hurt you?

Divorce can be complicated, especially if it involves a trial. The rise of technology and social media has made divorce even more complex. There are many ways social media and technology can hurt you during your divorce.

Your online activity is never truly secret or private. A divorce can drudge up many aspects of your life that you may not want made public during a divorce trial for various reasons. Being aware of how technology can affect your divorce trial can help you avoid careless mistakes that could hurt you.

How Default Judgments Work

A default judgment in a divorce is a judgment entered by the court in favor of the petitioner due to the inaction of the other party in the case. However, even if a default judgment is entered, you might still be required to attend a final hearing to complete your divorce. In the event that your spouse appears at this final hearing, none of the defenses to the allegations described in your petition can be argued by him or her since an answer was not filed in the required time period and, as a result, your petition would be deemed true at the default proceeding. 

Child Custody and Summer Vacation Plans

The summer is here, which means you might have some fun summer vacation plans in mind now that your children have a break from school. However, if you share custody with your ex, planning for a summer vacation can be a little more complicated than it is for most other families. To ensure your summer goes smoothly and that you do not end up wasting your days arguing and fighting over who gets to ... 

How to Modify a Visitation Agreement

In some situations, a child custody or visitation order becomes either impractical or improper. Under certain circumstances that meet specific rules and requirements, you may be able to modify the terms and conditions of the order.

Remember, there are two primary types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody means the right to make important decisions for the child, while physical custody refers to the time the parent spends with the child. In most cases, courts award joint legal custody, although physical custody is often giving to one parent (custodial) while the other parent (noncustodial) is entitled to visitation.

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