Over the last few years, websites that offer online divorce services have become a popular option. The prices for these services are extremely low and the divorce process is relatively quick.

Although these websites offer a variety of cheap options, there are several risks associated with filing your divorce online. Remember, divorce is a highly complicated matter, especially if you are experiencing a contested divorce. Issues such as property divisionalimonychild custody, and child support are often complex.

One of the main concerns of online services is going through the divorce process without consulting an experienced attorney. It would be difficult for anyone to receive a complete and thorough evaluation of their case without a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting with a lawyer.

Another disadvantage of these services is that it can cause a spouse to act rashly and surrender rights to decisions, custody, and assets going forward. In some instances, half-completed online divorce services had a negative impact on a future divorce negotiation.

Other Disadvantages Of Online Divorce Services Include The Following:

  • Loss of rights, properties, or protections not addressed in the documentation
  • Generic and invalid paperwork not admissible in court
  • Incomplete or narrow scope of state divorce laws

In the face of these new legal options that technology has to offer, you cannot replace having your case evaluated by a skilled divorce lawyer. Even if you ultimately choose to use an online divorce service, it is recommended that you seek proper legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected and that the service you choose is legally valid.

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