Murrieta Divorce Lawyer

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Our Murrieta divorce attorney understands that you and your family are in need of dependable legal representation. During your time of need, you can feel confident in turning to the Westover Law Group. Our firm is led by a Certified Family Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization. This means Andrew L. Westover, CFLS is among the top 3% of attorneys who have gone through rigorous training to become a recognized family law expert!

At our firm, we answer the phone 24/7 so you can rest assured that you have the answers you need, when you need them.

Our lawyers intent on protecting the rights and interests of the families we work with. Did you struggle through your marriage due to emotional abuse? Let us work to protect your assets and your livelihood. We have steadfast, caring, and hard-working Murietta divorce attorneys ready to be your advocate.

What it Means to Work with a Certified Family Law Specialist

Not all attorneys are created equally: some are more qualified than others. Board Certified Specialists have gone through the required training and education to prove that they can be recognized as legal experts in their field of practice. Westover Law Group is home to one of the very few Family Law Specialists in Southern California! In fact, there just over a dozen of Board Certified Family Law Specialists in Murrieta and the surrounding areas. We are one of them.

  • As your trusted divorce advocates, we can assist with the following:
  • Keeping you constantly updated on all case developments.
  • Helping you seek resolutions in a non-confrontational, private manner.
  • Fighting for the best possible outcome if trial becomes necessary.
  • Preparing legal documents and informing you of your rights / options.
  • Handling all divorce-related issues related to your children or property.

If you are currently considering divorce or have been served with papers, speak with us. Call us at (951) 643-0085 and we can discuss your matter privately.