A successful career is not always easy to maintain. You often have to put a lot of thought into your everyday choices to make your success your top priority. Sadly, for some people, the responsibility of maintaining a career can affect their ability to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

Even if your divorce has no relation to your professional success or ambitions, you still need to consider whether the divorce will impact your career or your job. Quite a few people don’t stop to worry about these considerations until it is too late.

While successful professionals may have more assets to worry about, a contentious divorce often isn’t the right solution for busy professionals. Instead, an uncontested divorce filing may be the best way to end your marriage and mitigate its impact on your career.

Uncontested divorces give you more control over custody arrangements

When you have small children, their needs often have to come before anything else. If your kid falls ill at school, for example, you will have to leave work and take care of them or at least arrange for your childcare professional to do so. Judges handling contentious custody discussions will do their best to set terms that are fair and reasonable, but they simply won’t know about the unique demands and pressures of your career.

An uncontested divorce filing allows you and your ex the opportunity to create your own detailed parenting plan. You can write in the flexibility you need to protect your career while still playing an active role in the lives of your children.

An uncontested divorce keep things private

When you and your spouse battle in court, everything you say about one another becomes part of the public record. Everything from allegations of infidelity and abuse to a discussion of your personal grooming habits could wind up permanently recorded with the courts.

Given that this information is typically part of the public record, anyone from a local journalist to someone at your company who wants the same promotion as you could obtain copies of the transcripts from your divorce and use the information shared during the divorce to embarrass you or damage your reputation.

An uncontested filing means you won’t be testifying in court, which subsequently means you don’t have to worry about your personal marital issues becoming public knowledge.

An uncontested divorce filing means fewer days of missed work

When you have to go to court for divorce hearings, you may end up there for hours, effectively forcing you to miss one day of work after the next. Even if your employer is willing to accommodate you, missing a lot of work for a divorce will affect your focus on your job and could influence the way others perceive your dedication.

While you will still have to be present at court for an uncontested divorce filing, you will only need to be there for a brief amount of time for a single day when the courts finalize the terms of your divorce.