Sometimes, family disputes can reach a point where it becomes impossible to reach an amicable resolution without third-party intervention. At this point, a family law mediator is required to step in as an objective party to facilitate discussion and bring the dispute to a conclusion. 

Family law mediation is a formal legal process that conducts discussions between the two sides of a family dispute with the intention of reaching an acceptable settlement. Mediation provides an environment in which couples, or people in any kind of family relationship, such as parent-child, for example, can resolve their issues in a calm, respectable manner. Mediators approach the matter from an objective angle, doing their best to keep emotions out of the matter and drive towards a mutual agreement.

What kinds of disputes go to family law mediation?

Any case that falls within the purview of family law can go to mediation. An eligible case could relate to child custody and visitation rights, alimony, child support, or even cases revolving around domestic abuse, for example. Courts actually encourage mediation for these sorts of cases, because litigation can take a long time to be resolved and often ends up being very costly. 

Who is qualified to carry out family law mediation?

Mediators in family law cases can be social workers, psychologists, or family law attorneys. The exact nature of the problem will determine who is better suited to mediate. Where legal and financial matters are of primary concern, it is better to have an attorney as a mediator, as they have the necessary knowledge and expertise. 

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