Lawyers are sometimes called advocates because they are trained to represent their clients’ interests and argue their cases before a court or other legal forum. The word “advocate” comes from the Latin term “advocatus,” which means “one who is called to help or support.” In the legal profession, an advocate is a person who represents and defends the interests of another person, group, or cause, typically in a legal or political context. An advocate may also be known as a counsel, attorney, or lawyer, depending on the jurisdiction in which they practice.

Andrew Lee Westover CFLS, Murietta, CA. Family Law Appeals AttorneyIn many legal systems, the role of an advocate is to present the facts and arguments of a case to a judge or jury in a clear, logical, and persuasive manner, and to defend their clients’ rights and interests to the best of their ability. Advocacy involves not only presenting a case in court, but also advising clients on legal matters, negotiating with opposing counsel, and representing clients in negotiations or other legal proceedings.

Overall, the role of an advocate is to help their clients navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome in their case.

At Westover Law, advocating for our clients is what we do well. More than being experts on California law, we listen to you, we understand your objectives, and we build a legal strategy based on our expertise, experience, and your goals. We represent your interests in the most effective way to achieve the desired outcome.

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