It is not necessary for lawyers to specialize in any particular field. If you are planning a divorce, then any family law attorney with sufficient experience in divorce law will be able to represent you. However, in the state of California, it is possible for lawyers to qualify as Certified Family Law Specialists, which means that they are recognized as experts in the practice of family, which includes divorce. 

When planning to go through divorce proceedings, it helps to get a certified family law specialist on your side, such as Andrew Westover of Westover Law. In order to get this certification, lawyers must go through a formal examination and must submit references. They must also continue to take legal education classes in family law and report consistently.

What Are the Duties of a Family Lawyer?

Family lawyers focus on all legal issues regarding families. They deal with matters such as divorce, adoptions and child custody. They might represent people during divorce proceedings, or draw up custody agreements, wills, or prenuptial agreements. Not all family lawyers engage in litigation. In fact, much of the work that they do takes place outside of the courts.

What is Family Law?

As the name suggests, family law is a term applied to all matters that relate to the family. Any area in which the law has a say in the relationships between family members falls under the purview of family law. Divorce and child custody are the most well-known areas of family law, but adoptions and wills are also administered under family law, along with paternity issues, emancipation and other matters that don’t involve divorce at all.  

Why Hire a Family Law Specialist?

While it is true that any lawyer may be able to help you with your family law case, not all lawyers have the necessary experience in this specific area of the law. Family Law Specialists have the training and expertise to work in family law with all its intricacies and multiple considerations. When it comes to family law matters, credentials are important. After passing the bar exam that all lawyers are required to take, Certified Family Lawyers go through additional training in order to demonstrate their knowledge in the area of family law. 

A family law specialist is the person you should go to when you want help with any of the following:

These are all issues that can be highly complex and sensitive and there is often no specific legal code to work with. For this reason, you need an experienced lawyer to provide you with the best legal advice on the basis of a deep working knowledge of the law, together with extensive experience in these particular types of cases.

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