A child custody battle is complex and it can be stressful with many hidden pitfalls. While you want the best for your children, they can become a bargaining chip in your divorce and any interactions with your ex. Custody cases bring out strong emotions, and you may not be able to represent yourself to bring about an equitable outcome.

Having a child custody lawyer representing you is essential as they have experience in family court and custody battles. Here are 5 things a child custody lawyer can do for you.

  1. Negotiate with your ex. During your custody battle, emotions can run high. Having an impartial 3rd party to speak on your behalf will remove much of the drama. Your past personal relationship may be complicated, but your lawyer is there as an unbiased advocate for you.
  2. Take care of deadlines and paperwork. In the event that your custody battle has to go to court, your lawyer will make certain all the proper documentation is filed and ensure you don’t miss any court-appointed deadlines.
  3. Represent you in court. Child custody laws are complicated, and you need to understand all the legalities during the court proceedings. It can be hard for a parent to remain composed while they defend their rights to custody in court. You don’t want to say anything that may damage your case or forget a vital piece of information. Your lawyer is well versed in family court and knows how to effectively represent you.
  4. Changes to child custody agreements. You will have a binding custody agreement issued by the court. These parenting agreements may need to be modified due to a change in circumstances affecting the condition, means, needs, and situation of your child. Your lawyer is able to help legally modify your agreement so there is no violation of the custody order.
  5. Handle other complex issues. Some custody battles are more complicated than others. You may have one parent that lives in another state or country. These multi-jurisdictional custody disputes are unique and need an experienced lawyer, familiar with these difficult issues.

Ultimately, having a lawyer representing you during a child custody battle will help you get through this difficult time. They are equipped to handle the many issues that come up and work toward the best outcome for you.  At Westover Law, we have experienced family law attorneys in California, representing parents in divorce and child custody proceedings. We serve families with honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Contact us today for all your divorce and child custody issues.