Throughout the year, many Californians decide their marriage is no longer working and choose to move forward with a divorce. While the time of year might not seem relevant in ending a marriage, statistics indicate that there are certain months in which more people divorce. One of those months is January. With the new year beckoning, this should be considered in the context of family law and divorce.

Statistics, research and attorneys suggest that divorce happens more often at that start of a new year. Social media outlets and search engines track user behavior. Google Trends states that there was a crescendo of searches for divorce in early January. Pinterest had a 21 percent spike of searches related to divorce parties from December 2018 to January 2019 and the two previous years. Other studies, such as one from 2016 conducted by the University of Washington, show that 2001 to 2015 had a rise in filings in that state in January. This scenario was evident in other states across the nation.

A common view as to why there is the spate of divorce filings in January stems from the stress of the holiday season and that families are traveling and spending time together. This worsens tensions that were already in place. Another consideration is the desire to improve. Since California has a waiting period of six months, filing at the start of the year gives a person time to prepare.

People who are thinking about divorce and decide to take the next step after the holiday season should keep several factors in mind. Researching and adequate preparation can avoid mistakes that could complicate the process. Having legal advice from an experienced family law professional might be essential to a successful resolution, no matter the time of year.