California fans of 54-year-old talk show host Wendy Williams may have heard that she and her husband are getting a divorce. The couple has been married since 1999 and has one son.

According to the divorce filing, irreconcilable differences over the past six months have led to the breakdown of the marriage. A representative stated that the couple is working together toward the divorce and have asked for privacy.

In March, Williams stated that because of an addiction, she had moved into a sober house. She did not say what the addiction was, but prior to her revelation, only her son and husband were aware of where she was living. Her family had made an earlier announcement that she was taking a hiatus from her talk show because of health issues. Williams fainted on the air in 2017 and later stated that she had an autoimmune condition called Graves disease. Neither she nor her husband has indicated that these were factors in the divorce.

However, when issues around health or addiction cause stress in a marriage and do lead to divorce, they may also have an impact on how the divorce unfolds. For example, if one spouse is chronically ill, ensuring that health insurance is maintained could be critical. A serious illness could also affect a parent’s ability to care for children and thus might affect the child custody and visitation arrangements. This may also be the case if a parent has an addiction. If the ex feels that the child is unsafe with the parent struggling with substance abuse, the court might agree to only allow that parent supervised visitation. An attorney could help a parent through the divorce process.