If you are going through a divorce and have children, you might be wondering if it is necessary to hire a child custody attorney, or what you should look for in an attorney. It is important to always bear in mind that the goal is to serve the best interests of your children, which will be accomplished through a well-drafted child custody agreement that addresses not only the concerns of you and your ex-spouse, but the needs of your children. There is a lot at stake, so here are some factors to consider before you decide to hire a child custody attorney to take your case:

  1. Availability Of Financial Resources: One of the first things you should consider is the availability of financial resources. In some cases, the retainer for a child custody lawyer might be a bit expensive, depending on a range of factors. For example, if you are in a contested divorce and the case goes to court, this can lengthen the time it takes for your case to reach a resolution, which can raise the costs. If you are able to quickly reach an agreement with your ex-spouse through a process like mediation, this will speed things up and lessen the costs. If you believe you are unable to afford a private attorney, you still have other options, such as free legal aid or low-cost representation through family court.
  2. The Complexity Of Your Case: If you have a particularly difficult case, having a skilled and experienced child custody attorney is vital to the outcome of it. Representing yourself in such cases can lead to some costly mistakes and harm your chances of winning child custody.
  3. Look Into Your Attorney’s Reputation: Before deciding on a child custody attorney, it is important to know his or her reputation and success rate in similar cases. This is probably the most important issue you will ever face, so do not be shy about asking questions or for references. Even if you are choosing low-cost or free representation, you have a right to be picky and find out all you can about the attorney’s reputation. Ask him or her about the strategy that will be used in your case. None of this is rude or out of the ordinary. This is simply about making sure you choose the person who is best fit for the job.

Child custody cases can be incredibly overwhelming and emotionally charged, but with the right legal representation on your side, this experience can go smoothly, causing as little stress as possible for both you and your family.

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