Divorce is never a simple choice, and the process can be demanding. There are a few things you should be aware of to assist you in getting ready for the divorce process if you’re considering getting a divorce in California. In this article, we review the fundamentals of divorce processes in California, along with some advice on making the process go as smoothly as possible.

Preparing for Divorce in California

It’s crucial to weigh your alternatives before requesting a divorce in California. If you and your spouse have problems, consider counseling or mediation. Additionally, you should consult a divorce lawyer to learn how to proceed if you’re considering divorce because of an extramarital affair. 

Child custody is an essential factor to consider when preparing for divorce. Consider your children’s interests when developing a parenting plan since California courts prioritize the child’s best interests. You should see a lawyer if you’re considering being a surrogate, adopting a child, or planning to become a parent to learn how this can affect child custody decisions.

Filing for Divorce in California

One spouse must have resided in California for at least six months before filing for divorce to do so. In addition, the spouse seeking a divorce must have spent at least three months residing in the county. In California, divorce filing costs can be high, but if you can show that you cannot afford them, you may be able to avoid them.

Serving Your Spouse in California Divorce

You must serve your spouse with the divorce papers after filing for divorce. You can accomplish this either in person or by mail. You can ask the court for permission to serve your spouse through publication if you cannot personally benefit them.

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer in California

Because navigating the divorce process can be challenging, you must consider hiring a divorce lawyer. Divorce attorneys can offer legal advice and assist you in comprehending your rights and obligations throughout the divorce process. They can also guide you through complex custody and property partition decisions.

We at Westover Law Group recognize that divorce can be challenging. To help you get the best result possible, we provide each client with individual attention and deliver fearless representation. 

We offer a variety of services, such as going over all the details and establishing realistic expectations, getting to know you and your situation, explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of any decisions, figuring out what evidence is available and what evidence is required, identifying problem areas, and working to find solutions. We recommend setting up a free consultation with our board-certified family lawyers to discuss your high-net-worth divorce today.