In California and across the United States, chances of getting divorced exist even before couples pronounce their wedding vows. Marriages may have better prospects for survival when each partner comprehends their unique personality characteristics that can lead to divorce. Even though every person has some bad habits, being accountable for them can yield positive results in a marriage. According to professional marriage counselors and family law attorneys, people can take control of their marriages by mastering their negative personality quirks.

A process called “catastrophizing” can cause a marriage to fail. Making mountains out of molehills can lead to serious marital problems and emotional distress, including chronic depression and anxiety-related issues. It does not take much to get a spouse so irritated that they head for divorce court. Forgetting to put the cap back on a tube of toothpaste is enough for someone to file for divorce. Harmless events cause a spouse to catastrophize to a point where negative reactions do not match actual incidents.

Arguments may also lead to filing for divorce. Most couples argue about one thing or another. However, some couples refrain from discussing their complaints. When couples avoid having disagreements, problems do not get resolved. Consequently, their marriages become stagnant. An emotionless marriage causes a couple to feel unhappy. Arguing gives each spouse a chance to tell the other person about the issues they are feeling. Getting things out into the open may help a couple save their marriage and prevent a divorce.

Spouses who learn their lessons too late may not have any recourse but to seek a divorce. Speaking to a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) may help work out any legal knots before filing paperwork. From child custody and child support issues to dividing assets, consulting with a divorce attorney may offer valuable help.