Married couples in California and elsewhere around the world have to work hard in order to make their relationships work, and, fortunately, they have been more successful over the past few years as divorce rates have been declining. Nevertheless, some couples still decide to break their vows and end a union that was supposed to last a lifetime. Ergo, these same couples might have benefited greatly from learning about the top reasons that lead to divorce as well as what they could have done about them.

Of the many issues that lead to divorce, the biggest one is a lack of commitment from one or both spouses. This doesn’t have to mean being unfaithful. Sometimes not being willing to do everything one can to make a relationship work can be enough. In other words, it means feeling flaky about the marriage, which might manifest itself in something as simple as not feeling romantic about one’s partner.

Obviously, no list about the reasons for a divorce can be complete without mentioning infidelity. That being said, unfaithfulness usually isn’t the direct reason for the divorce. Instead, it is a symptom of a deteriorating marriage, a union that was going downhill and fast. The infidelity merely becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Another possible reason married couples divorce may be that their marriage is filled with conflict and arguing, especially if the married pair are inadequate at resolving conflict or let negative emotions fester until they eating away at the marriage. In essence, conflict resolution boils down to clear communication, which, if absent, makes life together almost impossible.

Given that there several factors that can lead to divorce, married couples may want to learn what they could do about each of them. However, in the event that staying in the marriage becomes untenable, married couples might want to visit an experienced attorney who might be able to let them know what their options are as well as what their best course of action may be.