Divorce, even in the most amicable circumstances, is never easy. It is hard for the divorcing couple and undoubtedly difficult for any children involved to understand and adjust to. Just because this is a trying time, however, does not mean you cannot ease the pain and find positive ways for your children to cope with the coming changes.

There are an innumerable amount of studies that have researched the effect of divorce on children. Many of these indicate the sense of loss that children feel, which may manifest in behavioral changes or changes in mood, such as depression, disobedience, or a change in sleeping or eating habits.

Parents must take an active role in easing the pain of their children and help prevent this reactive bad behavior

One of the best ways to help your children cope with divorce is to nurture a cooperative relationship and reduce the presence of conflict. Your children will surely know that you are enduring a difficult time, so you do not have to hide your stress, but do not angrily vent about your soon-to-be ex-spouse or encourage your children to express anger toward their other parent. In fact, maintaining a venom-free environment is crucial, regardless of your child’s age. Support your child’s relationship with their parent. The marriage may be over, but your children need both parents in their lives.

It Is Important To Create New Traditions For Your Family’s New Life

Holidays and birthdays will likely be different, so give your children new and different ways to celebrate instead of focusing on the loss or change. If you are alternating between holidays with your ex, flexibility will be important for both parents.

Lastly, make sure your children never end up in the middle of your divorce. Your children are not mediators and should not be used as messengers or sounding boards. If you are having problems that need to be addressed, consult your attorney or mediator and keep kids out of the fray.

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