It is a simple fact that many Californians have to accept: at any stage of their lives, for a variety of reasons, they could find themselves facing a civil lawsuit. If you ever do get served, it is very important to work with a civil defense attorney to help you prepare for the case and defend yourself against the plaintiff’s claims. The first question many people ask, however, is how much is a civil defense case going to cost?

What is Civil Defense?

Civil defense is the practice of representing a defendant named in a civil lawsuit. Generally speaking, civil lawsuits seek to get money from the defendant. The common types of civil lawsuits are contract disputes or personal injury cases. If you are a defendant in any one of these types of cases, you need an attorney, and you need to take the costs of litigation into account.

What Factors Determine a Civil Defense Lawsuit?

Determining the costs in a civil lawsuit is not a simple matter of tallying up your lawyer’s hourly fee. There are several different factors at play – many of them outside of your or your attorney’s control. The plaintiff, the witnesses, the court, and numerous questions involving time (extensions, postponements, etc.) are all matters that can affect the overall cost of your lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals and actions very often play a major role in the total expenses. Most plaintiffs simply want to resolve the issue in their favor and walk away with the money they feel they are entitled to. However, in some cases, plaintiffs may want to seek revenge, perhaps hurting you by pushing up your legal costs and wasting your time. You and your lawyer will need to roll with the punches and react as efficiently as you possibly can. The plaintiff’s legal representative can also have an effect on your costs, along with witnesses and other factors that could cause delays and complications. 

An Estimate is not a Guarantee

Given the many complications that can arise during a lawsuit, there is no way that your lawyer can give you an accurate quote upfront. The litigation process simply doesn’t work that way. There is no way of knowing how long the process will take and how the costs will add up. 

How Lawyers Can Help You

Litigation costs are what they are, unfortunately, and there is seldom much that you or your lawyer can do about them. A civil litigator’s main objective is to defend you against the plaintiff and minimize or eliminate your financial damage. Rather than focusing on how much it will cost you, it makes sense to concentrate on building your defense. If it is successful, you may not have to pay much at all in the end. If you are facing a lawsuit, speak to an attorney with experience in civil defense in California. Westover Law is one of the leading law firms in southern California. We will be happy to help you with your civil litigation. Book a consultation today.