The right documentation can help a California parent win custody of his or her children. For instance, phone call logs can help a noncustodial parent show that there was an effort made to stay in touch with a son or daughter. Alternatively, a noncustodial parent could use phone or similar records to allege that the custodial parent made it difficult or impossible to contact the child. Phone records should indicate how often calls were made and how long they lasted.

Parents should also record each visit that they make with their children. A visitation log should keep track of how often visits took place, where they took place and how much time a parent spent with a son or daughter. Noncustodial parents can use this log to establish that they are involved in their child’s life.

It may be a good idea for parents to ask for a custody evaluation as soon as possible. This involves a professional speaking with the children as well as visiting a parent’s home. A report is then given to a judge who can use it as part of a final custody ruling. Parents may also be able to provide evidence that a child does better in their care. Evidence could include report cards, notes from teachers or written testimony from others who interact with the child.

A family law attorney may be able to help a parent with child custody and visitation matters. Steps could be taken to show that a parent regularly interacts with a child by phone or takes the child out for lunch every weekend. When a custodial parent wants to limit the rights of a noncustodial parent, an attorney may be able to help that person accomplish their goal if there is evidence of child neglect or abuse.