California residents understand how challenging divorce can be. There is a reason why divorce is often described using metaphors of war: negotiations, conflicts, battles, winners, losers, collateral damage, etc. There is an added volatility to divorce because the two individuals who are now at odds with each other were once in love to the point of getting married, joining their finances and even having children.

There are certain tactics that have been tried and true as ways of gaining victory during divorce negotiations. However, in order to gain victory, someone has to lose. Divorcing like a mature adult means the couple understands that more is going to be gained if they are able to come to an amicable truce as opposed to battling it out with each other.

When a divorcing couple with children battles it out, the collateral damage is usually those who they care about the most. A great way to avoid having a divorce turn into an all-out battle is developing skills with the goal of avoiding explosions. When the divorce negotiation process is derailed, things become more expensive, and both sides usually end up losing out.

One of the good things about a couple divorcing is that as they go through negotiations, they know each other; they know what their body language and their tone of voice mean. It’s easy to make assumptions. However, if a divorcing couple takes the time to ask questions, recognize warning signs and get the support they need, they may be able to go through the divorce process without blowing up on each other.

family law attorney may be able to help an individual go through the divorce process. The attorney may provide practical suggestions and steps that can be taken to determine the value of assets, determine how assets should be divided and make arrangements for child custody or child support.