When people in California decide to divorce, some people may easily reach an agreement on how to distribute their property and resolve any remaining issues. When couples are less amicable, however, the tension may grow rapidly and some spouses may resist attempts to settle the case. However, many people may find that, even in a high-conflict divorce, reaching a settlement agreement may help them to save time and money while moving on with their lives.

People in the middle of divorce negotiations may despair of reaching a fair settlement with their spouse, but it is often possible to do so. Many people want to bring their marriage to an end, and waiting for a trial can prolong the timeline further. It can take up to a year for a divorce trial, while most people can reach a settlement in a shorter amount of time. Because of the length of a trial and the significant preparations involved, many people will find that they spend far more on legal fees when going to trial. The overall property division settlement winds up being decreased due to the expenses incurred in fighting it out in family court.

In addition, while divorce negotiations are often stressful, a formal trial might be even more so, especially when there are urgent demands for documents or difficult expert testimony involved. However, some people may find that a trial is the right move for their particular circumstances, especially when there are serious conflicts over child custody or a refusal to participate in negotiations.

Going through a divorce may be a major financial and legal process as well as an emotionally draining one. A family law attorney may help people to negotiate a fair agreement on key matters like asset division, spousal support and child custody and work to avoid a lengthy trial.