When seeking an attorney to represent you when you have been named in a civil lawsuit, the technical term for the service you are looking for is ‘civil defense.’ Here is what you need to know about civil defense in Murietta, CA, and how to prepare for it. 

What is Civil Defense?

Civil defense is simply the practice of representing defendants who have been named in a civil lawsuit. In most cases, a civil lawsuit filed against a defendant has the aim of getting money from that person. Civil litigation includes contract disputes, contentious business transactions, or personal injuries. Most civil defense attorneys will concentrate on specific areas of civil, such as personal injury or family law. Firms may choose to represent plaintiffs or defendants in civil cases, while some choose to specialize in exclusively representing either plaintiffs or defendants.

Pretrial Negotiations and Settlements

Litigation is expensive and can drag on longer than either plaintiffs or defendants realize. With this in mind, most civil defense attorneys will seek to facilitate negotiations and try to get a settlement that satisfies all parties, without having to go to court. It is always best to prevent a full lawsuit whenever possible, and pretrial negotiation is the best way to do so.

Procedural Defenses

When we take on civil defendants, we may focus on procedural defenses, especially when the facts of the case are against the client. Defenses such as statute of limitations, statute of frauds, or improper jurisdiction, are all crucial to fight cases that may otherwise swing towards the plaintiff. 

Trial Prep

The key to winning a civil case is careful preparation. Discovery is vital to preparing a strong case, but it must always be carried out in a timely manner. On the one hand, you need to take the time and care to gather all the relevant facts and documentation, and prepare a strong case. On the other hand, you have limited time in which to do so. The California Code of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Court are very time sensitive and courts are not known for giving plaintiffs or defendants any leeway when timelines are not met. As civil defense attorneys, we therefore strive to complete all documentation and conduct all necessary interviews within the window of time that the court provides. 

Hire a Lawyer

If you have been served with notification that you are being sued in a civil case, get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Civil defense attorneys know exactly how to prepare for court and take the case through all the necessary procedural steps both before and during the trial.  

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