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Good records can lead to custody rights

The right documentation can help a California parent win custody of his or her children. For instance, phone call logs can help a noncustodial parent show that there was an effort made to stay in touch with a son or daughter. Alternatively, a noncustodial parent could use phone or similar records to allege that the custodial parent made it difficult or impossible to contact the child. Phone records should indicate how often calls were made and how long they lasted.

Effective co-parenting strategies for divorcing couples

Divorce could be confusing for children, even when their parents reinforce the fact that the decision had nothing to do with them. Following the separation, children often have to spend time with their parents in two separate households. Although it might be challenging for California parents to put their ill feelings for a former spouse aside in the interests of their children, there may be great rewards in store for those who can accomplish it.

Study suggests technology may make divorce easier for kids

There's no denying the fact that parents in California have good reason to be concerned about their kids when it comes to certain aspects of technology. However, a new study suggests social media and texting may actually be beneficial for children looking to stay connected with their parents following a divorce. In order to come to their conclusions, researchers evaluated data from a select group of divorced parents with pre-teen and teen children.

How to construct a viable parenting plan

Having a thorough plan can make it easier for parents in California and elsewhere to raise their children after a divorce or separation. The plan should prioritize the needs of the children over what may be easier or more convenient for the parents. It should also be flexible enough to account for any scheduling or other changes that occur after it is agreed upon.

Dealing with the holidays after divorce

The holidays are one of the most difficult times for California families going through a divorce. Children as well as their parents will be dealing with a number of difficult emotions that range from anger to sadness. However, parents need to deal with these emotions in a way that allows them to make the children their priority.

Birdnesting creates transitional period for children of divorce

When parents in California divorce, they have more than their own emotional well-being to consider. They must guide their children through the transition, and birdnesting has emerged as a strategy that eases children into the reality that their parents will be caring for them separately. The concept involves keeping the children in the marital family home. The parents typically split their time between the children's home and an apartment shared with the ex-spouse. The parents essentially live separately as they trade spots on a rotating schedule.

Tips for fathers dealing with child custody and support

Some unmarried fathers in California might struggle to get custody of their children or pay child support. Although fathers are supposed to have equal rights along with mothers, over 80 percent of custodial parents are mothers. Fathers who don't pay child support might go to jail. Fathers may also be prevented from seeing their children because of protection orders or may struggle to get time with them because of paternity issues.

When getting divorced, honesty important for parents

It’s a phrase many people have heard since they were kids: “honesty is the best policy”. This bit of common wisdom is something that divorcing parents may especially want to take to heart. There are many contexts in which honesty is very important when gong though a divorce when a parent.

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