Cheating is one of the major causes behind divorce in California. However, there are other factors that lead to divorce, including criticism, contempt and sarcasm. Some reasons for divorce are so insidious that a couple does not even realize they are going on before it is too late.

One silent relationship killer that some couples have dealt with is stonewalling. This happens when one individual in the relationship shuts down during conversations and arguments. If one of the spouses is not making an effort to communicate and solve problems, the problems are just going to fester. One partner may find that they get agitated to a point where they can no longer discuss certain issues respectfully. Couples can nip this problem in the bud by openly and honestly discussing their feelings.

Invalidating the other person’s emotions can also slowly kill a relationship. This is often done without a person knowing it. If a person regularly makes offhanded remarks to their spouse, this could lead to them feeling like they are not acknowledged. Relationships can deteriorate quickly when one person does feel like they are being heard.

Going through changes can cause both partners in a relationship to feel like they no longer know each other. Some feel that they outgrow their partner. It is good to recognize that changes are inevitable. The way that individuals choose to handle changes can make or break a marriage. Working together to move in the same direction will usually help a couple stay together.

There are a lot of reasons why couples break up. When an individual is considering filing for divorce, they may decide to speak with a family law attorney. The attorney may provide advice on how to file for a divorce, how to protect their assets during the process and how to handle child custody.